Talking About Storage Units

Getting Temporary Storage? 5 Times You Should Keep The Unit Long-Term

Self-storage units are a simple and cost-effective way to manage anything from excess inventory to an overflowing garage. But should you rent one only for a short time to store something specific or should you keep it more long-term? Here are a few reasons to consider a more regular arrangement with your self-storage facility. 

1. When Units Fill Up at Times

Some communities have plenty of self-storage units available for rent nearby. However, other areas may see seasonal shortages. For instance, a college area might see available units snapped up quickly as the summer break starts. If this may happen, you do well to keep one rather than compete with the crowds. 

2. When You Have Future Plans

Storage units serve many purposes. Do you have more than one in mind? Today's seasonal storage unit might be tomorrow's yard sale location or a place to start your side business. Having the extra room available may facilitate lots of great options simply because it's handy. 

3. When the Family Will Share

A shared family storage unit is a cost-effective way to help out the entire family. Many parents whose kids move out of the nest find it useful to make a storage area available. Kids and parents can use it for their own needs, giving young adults a safe place to store their things whenever they need to. And you can clear out their childhood bedroom. 

4. When Home Safety Is a Risk

Have there been safety or security issues at your home or business? Perhaps neighbors have reported car thefts or break-ins. Maybe your business had a security breach. Whatever the risk, you'll need a place to temporarily store various items that may need protection for a day, a week, a month, or more. By having a place at the ready, you can move things at a moment's notice. 

5. When Your Situation Is Fluid

Some people are involved in difficult, changing circumstances that call for having a handy storage place available at any time. The most common time is during a divorce. Someone who plans to file for divorce needs somewhere safe to put things like personal documents, assets they want to protect, or even furnishings they will need to start over fresh. But you may not need everything all at once, so stay prepared. 

Where to Start

Do you find yourself in any of these situations? No matter what challenges you face and how long or short your storage needs are, you may find that the best choice is to develop a long-term relationship with a reputable storage facility that fits your present and future needs.

Visit a local self-storage service today to learn more.