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3 Reasons To Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Sometimes you need more than a standard self-storage unit to keep your valuables. For instance, storing items like fine art, antique furniture, electronics, or musical instruments requires a climate-controlled unit. Otherwise, elements may take a toll on your stored items and destroy them. 

A climate-controlled storage facility uses HVAC systems to continuously maintain proper temperature and humidity levels to protect your sensitive items. 

Take a closer look at a few reasons to rent a climate-controlled unit for your possessions. 

Ensures Consistent Temperatures

Extreme temperatures during summer and winter can destroy the items you store in a standard storage unit. Take the case of toys, musical instruments, and antiques. These materials that make up these items are likely to swell when temperatures soar and shrink when temperatures plummet. As a result, your items can warp, split, or crack. 

In addition, books, business records, and fine art pieces can sustain damage when exposed to extreme temperatures. The screens and plastic parts of your electronic devices also get damaged when temperatures change drastically. Uneven temperatures also degrade your clothing and leather upholstery. 

In climate-controlled storage, the temperatures stay consistent throughout the year to protect your sensitive items. This way, you don't have to worry about damage from harsh environmental conditions.

Ensures Proper Air Quality

As you weigh your storage options, you shouldn't overlook the air quality in a storage unit. The HVAC systems in a climate-controlled unit circulate the air continuously throughout the unit. So, no dust builds up on stored items, and clean air is a guarantee. 

Storing items such as electronics and documents requires good air quality. Dust and debris can ruin your linens, upholstery, and clothing when you keep them in a basic unit for a long time. 

Fortunately, the HVAC systems in climate-controlled units have filters that eliminate dust. Exposure to dust can create stains on your fabrics. But in a climate-controlled unit, your items stay intact due to the improved air quality. 

Regulates Humidity

A climate-controlled unit is important if you plan to store garments, paperwork, and upholstery. Humidity levels above 60% encourage the growth of mold and mildew on your stored items.

Additionally, cardboards stored in a unit with high humidity are likely to get soggy, while some other wooden items swell and warp. For example, high humidity can warp your wooden guitar make it unplayable. Low humidity is not good either, as it can cause your stored items to dry out. 

With a climate-controlled unit, damage due to high or low humidity levels become a past concern. These units maintain safer humidity levels so your items remain unharmed. 

Although you pay more to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, the superior protection of your stored items justifies the price. Be sure to consult with your storage service company to understand what you need to rent a climate controlled storage unit.