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Time For A Change Of Plans? 3 Reasons To Check Your RV Into A Storage Facility

If you use your RV on a regular basis, you probably park in at your home. That's the best way to ensure easy access for those last-minute vacations. But, there might be times when a storage yard is the best option for your RV. RV storage yards provide the space you need when storing your RV at home isn't the best option. RV storage yards provide 24-hour security. You can also find storage yards that provide covered parking to keep your RV protected from the elements. If you're not sure whether you need an RV storage yard for your RV, read the information provided below. Here are three reasons why an RV storage yard might be the best place for your RV.

You're Relocating for an Extended Time

If you and your family will be relocating for an extended period of time, but you don't want to sell your RV, put it into storage. This option is especially beneficial if you're an active member of the military. Temporary duty assignments are quite common in the military. In most cases, those assignments can last for several months, if not longer. If you've received a temporary duty assignment, you have two options; you can sell your RV, or you can place it into storage. If you don't want to go through the expense of buying another RV when you return, use an RV storage yard instead. 

You're Recovering From a Disability

If you're recovering from a disability and won't be able to enjoy your RV for a while, a storage facility can keep it safe and secure until you're able to get back out on the road. Life-threatening illnesses or disabilities can hinder your ability to operate an RV or to travel too far away from your medical team. But, that doesn't mean your days of traveling are over. Once you've recovered, you'll want to get back into your RV as soon as possible. An RV storage facility will give you that opportunity. 

You're Worried About Vandalism

If the crime rate has gone up in your community, and there have been instances of theft and vandalism in your neighborhood, you want to know that your RV is in a protected environment. If you don't have 24-hour surveillance on your property, your RV might not be as protected as you need it to be. Unfortunately, that means your RV could become a neighborhood crime statistic. Before that happens, keep your RV in a storage facility.