Talking About Storage Units

What Makes Climate-Controlled Storage Unique?

Have you been looking into getting a self-storage unit, and run into a classification of units that say they have climate controls? If so, you're likely trying to determine if this type of unit is necessary for your storage needs. Here is what makes this type of storage unit unique and worth considering.

Consistent Temperature

The main benefit of having a climate-controlled storage unit is going to be the consistent temperature that your storage unit will be. Each storage facility will let you know what that range is, but it is typically what you set your air conditioning and furnace to at home in the summer and winter respectively. It helps ensure that your belongings will not get too hot or cold, which is important for items that can be damaged by extreme heat.

Consistent Humidity

Items in climate-controlled storage will also have consistent humidity all year round. This is not something that everybody needs, but when you do, it is critical that you have it. Humidity controls are necessary for anybody that is storing musical instruments that can become damaged by extreme temperatures, wood items that can swell and expand, metal items that can rust, and even dry goods that can go bad. A lack of humidity controls can also cause items to develop an odor while they are in storage, making it an unpleasant experience to take things out when you need them.

Increased Security

The nature of having a climate-controlled unit indoors means that the storage unit is going to have increased security compared to a standard unit. The building may have certain hours of operation where your belongings can only be accessed while a staff member is at the facility, or they could limit entry to the building to those that are active renters. Indoor facilities also make it possible to install security cameras to see who is accessing specific units, making it easier to catch somebody that tries to break into a unit. 

Flexible Sizes

Climate controlled storage units are often in large warehouses that have many different storage options. This gives you the ability to upgrade to a larger storage unit when you need it. Simply reach out to the storage facility and tell them that you need more room. They'll locate empty storage units that are bigger than the one that you currently have, and you can move your belongings to the new unit where you have more space. 

For more information on climate-controlled self-storage units, reach out to a local storage facility.