Talking About Storage Units

3 Tips For Minimizing Expenses With An Urban Storage Unit Rental

When you look at rural storage facilities and the units that you can choose, you may find that you can get a lot of storage space without spending a lot of money. This is not something that will happen in urban areas where space is so limited and valuable. If you are looking to rent an urban storage unit and you want to do everything that you can to keep expenses to a minimum, you should make a commitment to getting creative with how you go about utilizing storage space.

Climate Control

In your initial thoughts about renting a storage unit, you may have determined that you would get climate control to help you store almost anything with confidence. But, you should consider rearranging your original plans about what to put into storage and go without climate control.

This means that you will want to take items that benefit from climate control and keep them in your own home while storing more durable belongings in a storage unit. If this leads to a situation in which you need to access your storage unit more often due to needing the items inside, you should just make it a priority to pick a closer facility so that transportation is not a problem.


If you intend on storing furniture, you will want to do more than just get clever with placing each furniture piece into the storage unit. A better solution is to disassemble every piece into as many individual pieces as possible because this will keep furniture from taking up a lot of space.


Stacking boxes is something that you will want to do when you are interested in keeping costs down because a lack of stacking leads to missing out on storage space. While picking up shelving units is helpful for making it easy to stack boxes, you should still be able to stack boxes without organization solutions when you make sure to get similar-sized boxes and fill them up properly.

You should avoid overfilling boxes and make sure that the top side of each one gets plenty of support so that they do not collapse after putting stacking several boxes on top of one another.

If you are willing to put a lot of time and effort into getting items ready for storage, you should be able to pick a non-climate-controlled storage unit near your home and feel confident that you are keeping costs to a minimum.