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Does Your Storage Bring You Joy? 6 Reasons You Shouldn't Declutter

Though decluttering may be a popular trend right now, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the smartest thing to do every single time. Decluttering is a valuable way to reduce your mental burden and empty your house of useless things but there are times when it can go wrong. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't declutter—and why you should invest in a storage facility instead.

1. Decluttering Doesn't Really Reduce Consumption

One reason people are trying to "declutter" is because they want to reduce the amount of unnecessary items in their life. But getting rid of items at intervals just means you still purchased those items and introduced them into your life. It's often better to focus on limiting your purchases than reducing the items you keep.

2. You May Need Those Items Later

Often, people end up emptying out their closet or their knick-knack drawer only to find out that they actually needed those items. This is especially true for seasonal items. You may only use an item once every six months, but you may still want it in six months. That means you'll just end up buying those items again.

3. Some Things Are Sentimental

Things with sentimental value may be "useless," but they're still a part of being human. If you have sentimental items that are taking up space, you should store them safely rather than getting rid of them entirely.

4. Not Everything Sparks Joy All The Time

The main decluttering philosophy is to get rid of anything that sparks joy. But humans are fickle creatures and not everything may spark joy all the time. A toaster probably never does, but it's still needed.

5. Collectibles Do Exist

From video games to books, there are collections of things that have both emotional value and actual value. If you have collections that you've been building, "decluttering" them could actually cause more harm than anything else. 

6. Your Family May Have Their Own Idea of Decluttering

Many families have clutter not from one person but from everyone. Just throwing out everyone else's possessions isn't an option, and it's actually important for children to learn how to manage their property and to have a sense of their own items. Having storage lets children and other family members make their own decisions, rather than being pressured to downsize.

A storage facility can solve many of your problems. It will declutter your physical space without getting rid of items altogether, and you can have the freedom to throw things out later.