Talking About Storage Units

Picking The Best Storage Unit

Storing your items and precious belongings for the long term is a very important choice. I would sure be a tragedy to find that your items had been ruined during storage. That is why you should seriously consider storing your items in a storage unit. There are many benefits that a storage unit can offer you, and many of them you may not even think about. Storage units are designed for long term storage. Here are a few things for you to look for in a good self-storage unit:

Water Proof

One of the most important elements that your storage unit can protect your items against is water. When you start looking at potential storage units, it is important that you look for any signs of water damage. Remember that the storage units are designed to protect against water, so look for any signs of standing water. You want to look for water stains on the floor, but also in the ceiling. It is very good if the concrete slab where your items are placed is raised a few inches to protect against flood water. Investigating the unit after a large rainstorm is a very good idea just to be check for any leaking. 


Ants and other pests could enter into the storage unit and start to rip up your belongings. So, ask the storage facility manager what is being done to protect against pests. The good news is that many storage unit facilities will provide this service free of charge to their customers. Find a storage unit facility that has pest control protocol in place. However, some storage unit facilities may charge an extra fee for pest control. Another very good form of pest control that many facilities are starting to use is sealing. The property manager will have the entire storage unit sealed with a polymer. This keeps bugs out very effectively.


A storage unit facility wants to keep a good name in the community, and if there are items stolen from the storage unit that looks terrible for them. This is why so many storage unit facilities have high-security fences and one entrance. This is great news for you because you get to enjoy the high security of the storage unit. You may also want to look for a storage facility with a razor or barbed wire. To take things a step further many storage unit facilities have a security camera system, which makes them even more secure. 

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