Talking About Storage Units

Want A Secure Self-Storage Facility? Look For The Signs Below

When you put your belongings inside of a self-storage facility like Eagle Airport Car And Mini Storage, you want to make sure that you are comfortable with the general level of security that the facility itself offers. Here are a few signs that the self-storage facility you are looking at provides a secure environment for your goods:

#1 Security Guard

The first thing that you should inquire about is if the facility has a security guard on site. A security guard that is on-site 24-hours a day will provide your belongings with the highest level of security. Make sure that the security guard actually walks around and monitors the perimeter and interior of the facility, and doesn't just look at video monitors all day.

#2 Video Cameras

Second, make sure that there are visible video cameras around the facility. You should notice them around the entryway and throughout the premise. Security cameras will allow the on-site security guard to keep a good eye on everything that is happening. They will also help discourage potential thefts; they are looking for easy targets, and a building with lots of security cameras is not an easy target.

#3 Secured Entrances

Third, make sure that the entrances are secured. For example, if you can drive onto the premises and up to storage units, make sure that the gate requires a keycard or code, or requires a gate-watcher to open it for you. If you access the building via regular doors, those doors should require a special keycard or code in order for someone to gain access to the buildings. You don't want just anyone off the street to be able to walk right up to the entrance of your storage unit.

Storage units that do not have secured entrances are easy targets for thieves. They know they could just stroll in and up to a storage unit, steal the contents, and no one would have noticed their presence.

#4 Outer Fence

Finally, to increase the level of the self-storage facility, it should be fenced in. This makes the perimeter of the course more secure and also makes it easier for a security guard to keep things well monitored. An outer fence also makes it harder for someone to steal something and get away with it taking it off the property without going through the proper entrance.

Make sure that the self-storage facility that you are interested in using offers the level of security that you need to feel good about leaving your belongings there.