Talking About Storage Units

Make Your Move More Convenient With These Storage Tips

Moving to a new home and community is a usually an exciting time for most households. However, stress and disruption are also common experiences – even for those who are optimistic about the change. On top of finding a new home to call your own, setting up all your household services, and finding new dentists, doctors, veterinarians to rely on, there is the actual leg work to deal with of moving your belongings from the old place to the new one without inconveniencing your household too much. Making use of a storage facility to aid in your move is a great way to optimize convenience and minimize stress for the whole family. The following storage tips and trick will help ensure your moving success:

Invest in Temperature Control

A storage unit will enable you to safely store your belongings in preparation for the move so they don't have to sit stacked up against the walls within your home as you pack. To ensure that your furniture, clothing, and other important belongings remain in optimal condition while being stored, it's important to make sure that the storage unit you rent is temperature controlled. Most temp controlled units are built above the ground so flooding isn't possible, and interior temperatures should never get below freezing levels during the winter months or above 90 degrees during the summer months. You can expect your temperature controlled unit to keep mold, dust, and unwanted pests from entering your temp controlled storage unit too.

Work With a Professional Moving Company

Hiring a moving company to take care of all the heavy lifting will give you an opportunity to get settled into your new home before having your stuff delivered for unpacking. After everything is moved to your storage unit and once it's time to have your stuff moved to the new place, you can arrange to have your movers deliver belongings from your storage unit in intervals as you're ready to unpack them.

This will save you the trouble of having to travel back and forth to your storage unit in order to get things as you need them, and should allow you to unpack without stress and while maintaining organization in the new home. Have your moving company inventory the storage unit so you can specify exactly what you want delivered and when. You may be able to have your belongings insured while it's under the care of your moving company, so it's a good idea to inquire about your options when you request and initial quote.

Create a Color Coding System

Another great way to maximize moving convenience is to color code the boxed and bagged belongings before moving them to your storage unit. For instance, by taking the time to mark kitchen boxes with a yellow marker, living room boxes with a brown sticker, bathroom packages with a blue marker, and bedroom belongings with a purple crayon, you will be able to identify exactly which boxes you need when you're ready to unpack a specific room in your new home. You can have your movers remove stuff from storage and deliver it to your new place based on the color coding system upon request or using a schedule. This should make it convenient to request a delivery of boxes or packages from your storage unit spontaneously. Store your boxes, packages, and bags in sections within your storage unit so your movers can quickly find your requested belongings when it's time to make a delivery.

With the help of these storage tips and tricks, your household and your moving company should enjoy a convenient and organized relocation experience overall.