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3 Surprising Uses For A Storage Unit

Lack of storage space is a common problem for homeowners, but constructing a garage addition may not be financially feasible. While surprising to hear, the average homeowner spends between $15,407 and $34,202 on a garage addition. This is an overwhelming investment for most people, so finding more affordable space is essential. Thankfully, renting a storage unit in your local community is a smarter investment, but you may not feel the rental is a worthwhile expense. Using this guide on surprising uses, you can easily justify the monthly cost of renting a storage unit.

Temporary Decluttering

Whether you need to remove clutter before listing your home on the market to sell or make room for a visiting relative, decluttering your house is a smart decision. Fortunately, using a local storage facility to house your items temporarily offers an effective and efficient decluttering solution.

Considering the average American household has an estimated 300,000 items, storing even a small percentage of these belongings will make your home feel clean, organized, and inviting. 

Be sure to organize your belongings in the unit according to your plans.  Place items that you will not need within the next few months towards the back of the unit, but more important items that may be necessary within the first few days or weeks of storage should be closer to the door. This will allow you to maximize your storage space.

Artist Studio

While surprising to hear, you can also use your storage unit as a studio for your art, music, or other hobby. Of course, consulting the owners and managers of the storage facility is imperative to ensure you are following all regulations.  

If you are a painter, be sure to rent a climate-controlled unit. Paint can last between 3 to 5 years, but it must be stored in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. Protect your paintings and other art by covering with cloths. This will protect your art from dust and dirt but also from any insects that may get into your unit.

When using the unit for a musical hobby, consider adding insulation to the interior walls. Securing sheets of foam or Styrofoam to the walls and door of your unit can block out noise when practicing your music. Again, be sure to ask the unit manager before adding any insulation.

Documents and Collectibles

Using the storage units to store your belongings temporarily is common, but you can also store important documents and collectibles in a storage unit permanently. Since most facilities offer secure access and alarm systems, your collectibles will be stored away in a safe, convenient location.  Here are a few items that you should consider securing in a storage unit:

  • Documents – Place important documents, such as birth certificates, vaccination records, passports, and licenses, in a fire-resistant, waterproof safe inside your unit. The combination of the security, locked-up unit, and safe box will ensure your documents are kept safe.
  • Wine – The value of certain wines increase with age, making them a smart financial investment. The dark environment that a storage unit offers is perfect for the aging process, but make sure your unit is climate controlled to prevent excessive temperatures from affecting the quality of your wine.
  • Toys and Comic Books – If you have a large collection of antique toys and comic books, consider storing them in a temperature-controlled unit, as well. Be sure to place toys and comic books in a rubber or plastic tote before storing them away in the unit. Label each tote with its contents.

Storing important documents and collectibles at a facility reduces clutter in your home but also protects your valuables in a more effective manner. Since you are storing these items away on a long term basis, make sure to check your unit periodically.

Renting a storage unit may be a monthly expense, but its many uses makes it more affordable than building a garage at your home. Considering there are many unique uses for a storage unit, the rental fee is a worthwhile investment. Check out a storage facility like Glenbrook Self Storage to learn more.